The Brick Falcon: A Proverbs 25:28 Story

Caleb puts the last charcoal-gray lego on the wing of his Millennium Falcon. The spaceship he has been working on for over a week is bigger than the pillows on his bed. Caleb takes a step back to marvel at his accomplishment. “Woah,” he exclaimed. It is even bigger than he imagined it would be. Caleb peeks into the cockpit. All the tiny stickers he now imagines are real instruments with working lights as the Millennium Falcon prepares for flight. Chewbacca and Han Solo sit in their chairs with wild expressions on their faces as if they were already hitting light speed. “I better get to the bathroom with light speed. I’ve been holding it now for two hours while I worked on finishing this,” Caleb says to Han and Chewie.

Naomi, Caleb’s curious younger sister, hears him run down the hall from his room, past hers, and into the bathroom. Her doll’s head makes a thud as it hits the floor. Naomi doesn’t hear it because she’s halfway down the hall to Caleb’s room. The doll’s electronic cry alerts Caleb something is awry. He can’t go to the bathroom any faster though because he drank a giant glass of grape juice while working on the Falcon.

Caleb rushes out of the bathroom while the toilet still flushes. He glances in Naomi’s room as he sprints down the hall. She’s not in her room, he thinks. She must be in mine! “Nooooooo!!” Caleb screams down the last two feet of the hall, then makes an impressive 90 degree turn into his bedroom like a US Marine in the marching band.

The sight that unfolds in his room is even worse than could have imagined. Naomi is not just looking or poking at the Millennium Falcon, but it’s in full flight above her head. Her tiny, and no doubt, sticky little fingers are holding the bottom of the Falcon and she is making “vroom, vroom” noises with her flapping lips which offer up nearly as much spittle as they do noise. Caleb swears Chewie’s and Han’s faces look more frightened than his wide-eyed, jaw-dropped, expression does. “Naomi! Put that down now!” Caleb shouts.

Naomi jumps with fright and lets go of the ship. Gray legos obey the law of gravity. The bright red, fiery thrusters offer no help as the Falcon plummets like a brick. The crash is completely silent to Caleb. He feels like he is stuck in a nightmare where everything is in slow motion and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t make his feet move. Han Solo and Chewbacca now lay in a pile of rubble. If only he had a droid to help him with the repairs.

“Look what you did!” Caleb shouts at Naomi, “You ruined it! You ruin everything!”

Naomi’s lip quivers as her eyes well up with tears. “You scared me, Caleb! I wouldn’t have dropped it if you didn’t scare me!” Naomi shot back, running out of Caleb’s room with full-on alligator tears running down her cheeks. One even drops on Caleb’s bare foot. He stares at the splatter, then at the busted up Falcon, and back at the tear on his foot. He begins to feel bad about his reaction, but all his hard work is now in pieces on the carpet.

“What’s going on up here?!” Mom demands after hearing all the commotion. Her eyes move past Caleb to the pile of logos on the floor. “Oh no bud, what happened?” Mom asks a bit more gently.

“Naomi. She was in my room just after I finished and she dropped it on the floor. It’s ruined, Mom. I have to start over now.” Caleb says. He can no longer hold back the lump in his throat and breaks down crying in frustration and disbelief.

“Meet me downstairs, I’m going to talk to Naomi,” Mom says. Once downstairs, both kids sit on the couch and Mom sits on the ottoman directly in front of them. “I heard both sides of your stories and think I have a good understanding of what happened. It’s really unfortunate this happened to you, bud. I know you worked so hard, and for so long on that Millennium Falcon. It must have been scary to see Naomi holding it above her head when you returned to your room. It was scary for Naomi too, when you ran in shouting. Do you think you handled that well, you two?”

“It’s my fault, Caleb, I shouldn’t have played with your toy without asking you. I’m so sorry!” Naomi says. 

Caleb looks down at his foot before responding. He sees the outline of the tear Naomi had dropped on his foot when she ran out of his room scared and crying. Something inside tells him although his hard work is now for nothing, his sister is worth far more than a mound of plastic. “I don’t think I handled that well, actually. I’m sorry for scaring you, Naomi. If I didn’t scare you, you wouldn’t have dropped the Falcon. I should have had better control over myself,” Caleb says. “It makes me think of the verse I heard in youth group this Wednesday: ‘a man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls,’ Proverbs 25:28. Because of my lack of self control, now the Falcon lays broken.”

“I can help you fix it, Caleb,” Naomi offers. “I won’t touch anything unless you tell me to.” 

“I may have been lacking in self-control, but I’m never too proud to accept help,” Caleb says with a gentle elbow poke to Naomi’s side.

Weekly Bible Verse: Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control. -Proverbs‬ ‭25‬:‭28‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Note to Nibble: Exercising self-control can keep both you and others from harm. 

Spiritual Fitness Before Physical Fitness: A 1 Timothy 4:8 Story

“You’re going to make us late again,” Opal yells down the hall with one arm in her hoodie and the other holding the door jam. She feels like squeezing the white, wooden beam gives her more bravado, emphasizing her growing frustration with her slow-moving brother.

“I’m not going,” Henry calls back. 

Opal hears rustling and drawers opening and closing. She quickly moves down the hall to see what Henry is doing instead of getting ready for youth group. Henry used to love youth group. It was almost all he would talk about; he would count down the days to Wednesday like most people countdown to Friday. “What’s going on in here, Henry? Are you finally running away?” Opal asks jokingly.

“Ha, ha-not funny,” Henry snaps back. “I want to go to the gym to play basketball with my new friends.”

“Well, I’m going to tell Mom and see what she has to say about it,” Opal says.

“I’m old enough to make my own decisions about youth group, Opal,” Henry replies.

Opal races downstairs with Henry moving faster than she’s seen him move in months. “Mom, Henry isn’t going to youth group, he’s going to play basketball with his new friends at the Y,” Opal tattles.  

“What’s all this now,” Mom asks. “Is this true, Henry? You want to go to the Y tonight instead of youth group? This is very much not like you at all, what’s going on, bud?”

“I’ve been to youth group a million times, Mom. I want to play basketball and maybe lift weights with my new friends. If I want to play football next year, I need to get buff and in shape,” Henry tries to negotiate his position. Opal snorts, holding back laughter before a look from Mom snubs out her snarkiness so it doesn’t cause a fight between the two siblings.

“Oh, you want to get fit, do you?” Mom asks.

“Yeah, Mom! You get it!” Henry replies.

“So on a scale of 1-10, how fit do you think you are right now?” asks Mom.

“What, I don’t know – maybe a 6?” says Henry. “I’ve definitely got some room for improvement. But I’m not going to get closer to a 10 unless I work at it.”

“I get your point. Another question for you: on a scale of 1-10, how spiritually fit would you say you are?” asks Mom with a smirk. She can tell by the look on Henry’s face that this is the turning point of his argument.

“I see what your saying, Mom,” Henry admits.

“If we’re not spiritually fit, Henry, then we have nothing-literally. How do you think you get spiritually fit? Going to the gym? Because we do that 3-4 days per week for your homeschool P.E. Technically, if that were true, you’d be spiritually ripped by now!” Mom jokes.

“You get spiritually fit by reading the Bible and connecting with God,” Opal offers. “You can do it too, by having fellowship with other believers and in prayer. Doesn’t the Bible say that if two or more gather in His name, He is with them?” Opal asks.

“That’s Mathew 18:20,” Mom adds.

“You guys are right, the youth group is more important than the gym. I will call the guys and tell them I’ll meet up with them tomorrow.” Henry says.

“Good call, Henry – get spiritually fit, then get physically fit,” says Opal.

Weekly Bible Verse: For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. -‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭4‬:‭8‬ NIV
Note to Nibble: While physical fitness is healthy, spiritual fitness should take priority. 

Enduring, Persevering, and God’s Perfect Plan: A Romans 5:3-4 Story

Chase, Ry, Oaklyn, and Palmer sit on the curb across the street from what once was their family home. Wrapped in shiny silver blankets, they watch firemen soak smoldering beams that bore witness to every inch the girls grew. Beams which had cradled every memory of scraped knees, Barbie doll camping trips, bedroom ceiling constellation mapping, birthday parties, and wonderful family holidays. One brave fireman stomps his dirty boot on top of the handmade quilt the family got for Christmas from Grandma the year before she went to be with the Lord. Tears roll down Ry’s face as she thinks of her mother’s boney fingers hand-stitching each square with love. She thought that quilt would be around forever.

Truth is, they took most of their belongings in the house for granted; it’s not difficult to be complacent with possessions because of how easily obtainable everything is these days. There won’t be an Amazon truck dropping off a quilt that can ever replace the one they lost. Nothing will ever replace all the memories that went up in flames.

Their neighbor Mrs. Ramsy, whom they drove to church every Sunday, must have called the pastor. Chances are, she fired up the prayer chain, calling a good portion of the congregation to ask for prayer and support. Pastor David parks his car in front of them and runs out to give them a giant bear hug that somehow holds the four of them. They let go, crying uncontrollably in his arms. He takes them home, feeds them, lets them clean up and put on fresh clothes. They will now live in the basement apartment he AirBnBs. It is fully furnished and even has some food in the cupboards and fridge. He assures them the Lord is with them and that God promises to take care of His children.

When Chase and Ry wake up in the morning, the girls are already up. As they eat breakfast they talk about all their favorite toys and clothes now turned to ashes. “I know it’s just stuff and it’s not like we’ll take any of it to heaven with us, but it still makes me so sad thinking of never seeing my favorite teddy or Grandma’s quilt again,” Oaklyn says with tears welling up in her eyes.

With a loss for words, Chase and Ry walk into the kitchen and hug their kids. Trying to be strong, they fight back tears and tell the girls that everything will work out as God has planned it, even if they don’t understand it at this moment. “One day we’ll look back at this and it will all make sense,” dad assures them. 

“I hope so,” cries Palmer, “because none of this makes any sense to me. Why would God let this happen to us?”

Two years later – Chase wakes up to laughter and children playing outside his window. He slides on his flip-flops and walks out of the bedroom, into the small kitchen. “There’s coffee,” says Ry, knowing it was probably what he was staggering through the kitchen to get.

“God bless you, I was up way too late last night,” Chase admits. “The village huts don’t build themselves, you know.”

“I saw you guys finished the church too. It’s all coming together here!” Ry says excitedly as Oakley and Palmer’s soccer ball flies in through their front window, hitting the wall near Chase’s head. “Incoming!” Ry says with laughter. Something that would never fly in their old home. “I’m so glad they have so many friends here.”

“Yeah, there are no bullies to worry about like there were in the States either.” Chase admits. “And the girls have led almost half the village kids to Christ. They’re even starting their own youth group!” 

Ry’s eyes shift to their open bedroom door. A quilt with burnt edges lies on the foot of their bed. Through joyful tears, she thinks of her mother and how happy she is that they were able to save some of the quilt; how happy she is for the new life that God gave her – the one He had planned for them all along.

Weekly Bible Verses: Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. -Romans‬ ‭5‬:‭3‬-‭4‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Note to Nibble: Stay strong in the Lord and don’t give up in times of suffering, for your character, hope, and faith are being refined. 
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Trusting through Fear: A Psalm 56:3 Story

“Hey Jax, you didn’t forget to bring your mosquito spray did you?” Jayce asks, as the boys load their gear into the back of Jayce’s parent’s minivan.

“That was the first thing I put in my pack this year,” Jax says with a laugh. Last year, at Jayce’s annual family camping trip, Jax came home with thirty-two mosquito bites! “I wish I had spray for your cousin, Finley,” Jax adds. “He was almost as much of a pest last year as the bugs.” The boys fall quiet for a moment as if lost in a joint memory of the past year’s bullying they prayed would be avoided this year.

After dinner that evening, Jayce and Jax sit around the campfire with Jayce’s cousins and some friends the cousins invited. “The fire is getting low and I gathered the last bundle,” Finley says, facing Jayce and Jax. “Your turn boys, go get some firewood-or are you too afraid of the dark-spooky woods?” Finley’s heckle-like laughter echoes off the trees, sounding creepier than something you would laugh along with.

“We’re not scared, Finley. We’ll get this bundle and you can grab the last bundle of the night after that,” Jayce retorts, grabbing flashlights for him and Jax. The boys disappear into the pitch-black woods before turning on their flashlights to show they aren’t afraid of the dark. “Sorry about Finley, it looks like he’s no better this year. This might be a very long weekend.”

“Don’t sweat it, Jayce. I just love camping and fishing with you. I look forward to this trip all year. Your cousin could never fully ruin it for me,” comments Jax. “Now, let’s go grab some wood over this way. I think I saw some by the lake earlier.” The boys walk for a bit, but never see the lake. They make a couple of turns thinking they will head back to camp, yet end up near a high ridge they have never seen before. It looks pretty scary at night, too. Just then, they hear branches snapping in the woods behind them and snorting like “a-a-a-a bear!!” “What do we do?” whispers Jax.

“Are you sure it’s not just Finley messing with us?” Jayce asks with a shaky voice. When they hear the snorting again, they know that noise could never come out of a human, even one as big and nasty as Finley. “Do we run or climb a tree?” Jayce adds. “Or is it play dead?!”

“I think we hide and pray,” Jax says. “If it worked for Daniel in the lion’s den, it can work for us in the woods with one bear,” he adds, sounding a bit more confident now. “Dear Jesus, thank you for the forest, the animals, and everything you’ve created. We pray that you guide this bear far away from us right now and show us a clear path back to camp.” The boys stop shaking when they say “amen”. They look at each other with wide eyes and large smiles when they hear the bear wandering away from them. After a few minutes, the boys turn their flashlights in the direction where they first heard the bear and start walking towards it. Past a small berry patch, they round a corner and just barely make out a trail.

The trail leads them straight back to camp. It must be the long way around the lake they hadn’t taken before. Just before coming out of the woods, Jax spots a bundle of firewood wrapped in twine. The light of the moon shines on it and they laugh as the glow almost resembles the Nativity Story on Jayce’s fireplace mantle his mother displays at Christmas. “Someone camping here must have left a bundle of wood behind for the next campers,” Jayce says. “Either that or God blessed our socks off tonight by turning away that bear, showing us a trail, and giving us a bundle of firewood for putting our faith in Him.”

“I’m choosing to believe this was all God, man,” Jax says as they enter the camp.  

“What was all God?” Finley asks, returning from the outhouse. Sitting down at the fire, Jax throws a couple of logs on the dying flames. “You wouldn’t believe it if we told you, but we’ll tell you anyway.”

“I believe,” said Jayce.

Weekly Bible Verse: When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. -‭‭Psalms‬ ‭56‬:‭3‬ NIV
Note to Nibble: When in doubt, seek God out, and pray without ceasing while  putting your trust in Him.  
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Sammy and Dahlia: A Samson and Delilah Story

Sammy’s friend, Phillip, let Sammy in on something major that he’s going through-that he was just diagnosed with cancer and he may be missing a lot of school. Phillip makes Sammy promise that he will never tell anyone about his diagnosis. Sammy pinky swears with Phillip and adds, “If I tell anyone, I promise I will shave my head bald!” Phillip laughs and agrees. Sammy gives his friend a hug and tells him he will be praying for him every day.

That night at dinner, Sammy is feeling down by the news Phillip shared with him at school. His parents notice and ask him what’s wrong. Sammy tells his parents he needs to keep a promise to a friend and isn’t at liberty to say what it is.

Just the other day, Phillip’s parents asked the church to start a prayer chain for their son as he was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, so Sammy’s parents already know what is bothering him. They tell him it’s noble of him to keep such an important promise for a friend. Sammy’s sister, Dahlia, doesn’t like being the only person at the table who doesn’t know what’s going on. Dahlia begins asking over and over for Sammy to tell her the promise he made. Dahlia tells him that it will make him feel better to share the burden, but Sammy knows it’s important to keep his promises.

Dahlia can’t get this out of her mind. All weekend she continues to pester her older brother. Sammy tells his sister a few made-up stories, yet, she never believes him. By Sunday morning, Sammy feels like he can’t take it any longer. Getting ready for church, Dahlia enters his room asking again what he is hiding from her. Before realizing what he’s saying, Sammy blurts out, “Phillip has cancer alright?!” Dahlia’s mouth drops open in surprise and shock. “You definitely shouldn’t have told me that, Sammy!” Dahlia says. Sammy slams his bedroom door in her face, in anger. He feels guilty and ashamed of himself for letting his sister get under his skin and telling her Phillip’s secret. Through tears, Sammy walks to the bathroom and closes the door. They leave for the service shortly afterwards.

Walking into church, Phillip notices his friend Sammy walking through the front door looking much different than normal. Sammy’s wearing his typical Sunday button-up and slacks, but his head is completely shaved. When their eyes meet, Sammy tears up again. In the middle of the lobby, Sammy tells Phillip what happened over the weekend with his sister. Phillip turns and walks away without a word. The boys walk in to find their parents, both boys’ heads hanging low. During the service, the pastor speaks on forgiveness. Sammy prays to himself that Phillip will forgive him for breaking his trust. After the service, Phillip finds Sammy. Phillip lets Sammy know how hurt he is by what Sammy did. He decides to forgive Sammy and rubs his bald head with a laugh. Sammy notices that Philip has already begun to lose some of his hair and says, “remember Phillip, it’s not your hair that gives you strength, it’s God. I know I made that deal with ya’, and I wanna show my support too!”

Bible Verse: Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. -‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3‬:‭13‬  NIV
Note to Nibble: God’s forgiveness is bigger than your mistakes. Choose forgiveness.
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Esma and Morley: An Esther Story

Esma and her cousin, Morley, recently signed up for a summer softball training program. They are super excited about what they’ll learn and the friendships they may make. When they arrive at the training field, they realize the leader is a coach from a rival team. Although he tells everyone during orientation that they will all be treated equally, Esma and Morley have their doubts.

During practice, the coach gives his team breaks while he forces the other teams to continue running laps and drills. When everyone else finally gets a break, they collectively voice their frustration about how the coach is treating them. Morley and a couple other players tell Esma she should talk to the coach because he works at her dad’s law firm. Maybe he will listen to her, they say, trying to convince her.

With a whisper, Esma says a prayer to Jesus for courage and wisdom. She remembers her youth group pastor telling her God will always give wisdom to those who ask. With a gulp, Esma begins walking slowly towards the coach. She then asks him if she could speak with him for a moment.

Esma nervously tells the coach how the other kids are feeling. She says all the kids came to learn, play, and have fun. She further states that only his team looks like they’re having any fun. The coach admits he wasn’t aware of these issues and apologizes to her, then to all of the players. Next, Xavior makes the decision to mix up all of the players into two teams. They end up playing the best game of softball anyone has ever played before and it turns out to be a summer none of the players want to forget.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. -‭‭James‬ ‭1‬:‭5‬ NIV
Note to Nibble: Seek God’s wisdom in all circumstances.
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Dante and the Zoo: A Daniel and the Lion’s Den Story

Mr. Ezra’s 6th-grade class is on a field trip to the local zoo. Dante, Colton, and Mateo wander off from the class, toward the African exhibit. “I want to check out the lions,” Colton exclaims, and the boys run to the habitat. Four mighty lions pace their large enclosure before lying in the sun with a collective stretch and yawn. Dante quickly pulls his phone from his back pocket, “I’m going to get a selfie,” he says with one hand on the rail as if he’s getting ready to jump over it. “I dare you,” says Colton. “Don’t even think about it, Dante. That would be your biggest and last mistake!” Mateo warns him before his eyes start darting around the zoo searching for an adult.

Dante taunts his classmates by leaping in the air with one hand still on the rail. He takes a final leap when Colton shoves him hard, sending him flying over the bar and landing about thirty feet from the now-sleeping lions. Fear catches Dante’s scream in his throat, not wanting to wake the lions. Instead, he finds himself curled in a ball crying softly and praying hard. Mateo quickly runs to get help as Colton stands idle with his eyes wide and his mouth gaping open.

A zookeeper appears almost from nowhere with a bucket of raw meat. He opens the feeding doors and the lions quickly get up, lick their lips, and make their way towards the bloody meat. Once inside the feeding rooms, the zookeeper closes the doors to the habitat, securing Dante at last. The zookeeper lets Dante out as his teacher and Mateo arrive at the scene. “Thank God you’re ok,” Mateo cries, “I prayed for your safety the entire time”. “You and me both,” Dante adds. “For some reason, I was calmer than I thought I would be. But still not calm enough to get that selfie.”

Weekly Bible Verse: I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live. -Psalm 116:1-2 NIV
Note to Nibble: Never stop praying, for God hears our prayers. 
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Blaine and Sabel: A Cain and Abel Story

One day at school, brother and sister, Blaine and Sabel, were in their home economics class. Their teacher, Mrs. Fryberry, announced they would have a baking contest and the winner would receive a $50 gift card to Lobby Hobby.

Sabel was super excited about the baking contest because she was a huge fan of the Kids Baking Tournament on the food channel. She always dreamed of competing on the show. Sabel asked her mom for some money and went to Whole Foods to buy the freshest ingredients for her cake.

Blaine didn’t really think too much about the contest and decided to go play video games at his friend’s house after school. On the way home, he stopped at the discount grocery store to pick up a pre-made pie. Blaine found a cherry pie that was marked down to $5. It didn’t really look like something he would choose to eat, but it would be good enough for the baking contest at school.

The next day at school, Mrs. Fryberry was judging the kids’ desserts. Blaine noticed a discount sticker still stuck to the side of his pie, but it was too late to remove it. His teacher was standing in front of his pie with a clipboard and a frown. His heart sank as he gulped hard. Mrs. Fryberry announced that Blaine was disqualified for entering a pre-made pie. His face turned redder than that old cherry pie he brought to the contest.

Sabel’s cake, on the other hand, took first place and she received $50 for Lobby Hobby. She was so excited, but also felt a huge sense of accomplishment because of all the hard work she put into making her cake. On the way home, Sabel told Blaine all the fun things she planned on buying with her gift card. Blaine boiled inside with envy and rage.

After dinner, Blaine saw the gift card on the mantle of the fireplace. He picked it up and stared at it with the flickering flames dancing in his eyes. Blaine tossed the gift card into the fire. He turned around to find his father watching him in shame and disbelief. Blaine apologized, and his dad called a family meeting to discuss what happened. Blaine and Sabel’s parents decide that Blaine needs to work off the $50 by doing both his and Sabel’s chores for a month.

A month passes since the incident and Blaine still feels bad for his behavior. Every time he sees his sister, shame wells up inside. That night at dinner, Blaine tells Sabel again how sorry he is and offers to do her chores for her for another month. Instead, Sabel forgives him and asks if he would like to go with her to Lobby Hobby.

Weekly Bible Verse: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 
-1 Corinthians‬ ‭13‬:‭4‬ NIV
Note to Nibble: Instead of being angry and envious of what others achieve, put your energy into walking in integrity. 

Doodle and Jot Spot Printable

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Comfort in the Crazy

Welcome to Our Ministry!

Today’s “Bite-Sized Bible Bit” is about finding comfort in our crazy world. We hope you listen and find some encouragement for the week!

Comfort in the Crazy-1 Minute Bible Bit

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left. -Exodus 14‬:‭21‬-‭22‬ ‭NIV‬‬

You’ll find the whole story of Moses parting the Red Sea in Exodus 14.

And remember, God can part the stormy seas in your life too!