The Golden Rule: A Luke 6:31 Story

Oakley and Piper are homeschooled sisters who live on their family farm. The duties involved with living on a farm can almost be a full-time job at times. With long days of focusing on their studies, their added chores are often tiring.

One morning, Oakley is feeding the horses when she hears the chickens clucking behind her humming, like trying to bring a beat to her song. Her sister, Piper, is not a morning person. Getting her to feed the chickens in the morning is a chore in and of itself. Oakley decides to gather the eggs and feed the chickens to help her sister out. Won’t she be surprised when she smells the breakfast eggs cooking while she still fights to get out of bed, Oakley thinks.

As expected, Piper comes downstairs to the smell of eggs with a look of confusion on her face. “I fed your chickens too,” Oakley says, while sliding sunnyside eggs onto a plate with buttered toast.  

“What’s going on, it’s not even my birthday,” Piper exclaims.

“I was feeding the horses and just thought I would help you out this morning,” Oakley says.

“Thank you very much, Oakley – that was super sweet of you!” 

“Well, God says to treat others the way you want to be treated,” Oakley states, remembering their Sunday school lesson from last weekend. They both get on with their day, and begin working on different subjects.

A few days later, Piper is the first to finish school because Oakley is working through a very difficult geometry lesson. “Great, you’re already done? I’m going to be at this lesson for another hour,” Oakley says to Piper as Piper pushes on her cowgirl boots.

“That’s too bad, I’ll be done with my chores by then. I guess I’ll see if Maizy next door wants to go for a trail ride since you won’t be done anytime soon,” Piper says.

“Or you could help me out with my chores so we can be done at the same time and all go for a trail ride together?” Oakley suggests.

“I’m not mucking out your half of the stalls,” retorts Piper.

“How about if you muck the stalls, I’ll dump the wheel barrel?” offers Oakley.

“How about the last one to finish mucking the stalls dumps the wheel barrel? Oh wait, guess that’s you, bye!” calls Piper as she slams the door behind her.

After school, Oakley walks out to the barn to see a half-full wheel barrel of horse manure, her horses unfed, stalls not cleaned, and Piper’s horse gone. Saddened, Oakley begins mucking the stalls and feeding the horses.  After dumping the wheel barrel, she tacks up her horse and makes her way to the trail only to see Mazie and Piper already returning from their ride.

“What took you so long?” called out Mazie.

“I was doing my geometry lesson and it was very difficult today. I asked Piper to help with my chores so I could ride with you two, but she didn’t feel like helping me, I guess,” Oakley replies disappointedly.

“Next time just text me, I can help you with geometry or your chores, Oakley. Don’t forget that math is my best subject and my mom says that service is my second best,” Mazie says with a chuckle.

“That’s really sweet of you, Mazie.  I really appreciate that!”

“I’m sorry Oakley, I should have helped with your chores today,” said Piper regrettably.  “You did my chores the other morning because you knew I was having a hard time getting out of bed, but I didn’t help you when you needed my help. How about I do your afternoon chores tomorrow so we can all go for a trail ride together?”

“I would love that,” Oakley and Mazie said in unison. The three girls laughed as they brushed their horses.

Weekly Bible Verse: Do to others as you would have them do to you. -‭‭Luke‬ ‭6‬:‭31‬ NIV
Note to Nibble: With kindness and a heart of service for God, help those in need. 

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