Jovian and the Fish: A Jonah and the Whale Story

It is Jovian’s 14th birthday weekend and his Dad takes Jovian, and his sister Nina, fishing at their favorite lake. Jovian is so excited to fish that his legs won’t stop bouncing up and down while his dad backs the truck and boat down the boat launch. He wants to jump in the boat the minute his dad gets in the water. His dad tells him to be patient; there is a lot to do before they can motor out.

While Jovian is loading the poles in the boat, his little sister says she needs to go to the bathroom. Dad says he is going to take Nina to the outhouse and then grab a snack for her, and life jackets from the truck. Jovian, now very upset and impatient, said, “I wish Nina never came, she’s wasting all my fishing time!”. His dad tells him that was a very hurtful thing to say and tells him to apologize, which he reluctantly does before running down the path from the parking lot to the lake. “Keep an eye on the boat but don’t touch it until I get back,” his dad hollers at his back. 

Jovian looks around before he unties the boat from the dock, jumps in, and speeds off in anger. He rounds a corner in the lake where he won’t be seen. With the wind in his hair, Jovian smiles thinking about his freedom. By the time his dad and sister reach the lake, Jovian and the boat are nowhere to be found. He decides to go further, but the lake has other plans. Jovian’s boat bottoms out on a sandbar throwing him from the skiff. He realizes he didn’t wait for his dad to bring the life jackets as he flails around in the water, his foot nearly tangling in long algae. 

Jovian panics as he climbs in the boat. The cell phone that was in his back pocket is gone. It’s  probably at the bottom of the lake, he thought. The fishing poles are gone and he is unable to restart the motor. Jovian sits on the cold metal skiff seat drenched with lake water and remorse. With his head in his hands, Jovian prays for safety and forgiveness. 

Three hours pass before he sees another boat round the corner of the lake. It’s a Fish and Wildlife boat! The Ranger climbs aboard the skiff as Jovian cries with relief. While the Ranger gets the motor running, Jovian tells him that he was praying for hours that someone would save him and it was his faith that kept his hope alive. The Ranger says, “at least you didn’t find yourself trapped in the belly of a giant fish. Next time, listen to your Father and obey his words.”

“I will, I promise I will!” Jovian promised.

Bible Verse-You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you. -‭‭Psalms‬ ‭86‬:‭5‬ NIV

Note to Nibble: Practice patience and obedience so you don’t end up in a pickle.

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