Esma and Morley: An Esther Story

Esma and her cousin, Morley, recently signed up for a summer softball training program. They are super excited about what they’ll learn and the friendships they may make. When they arrive at the training field, they realize the leader is a coach from a rival team. Although he tells everyone during orientation that they will all be treated equally, Esma and Morley have their doubts.

During practice, the coach gives his team breaks while he forces the other teams to continue running laps and drills. When everyone else finally gets a break, they collectively voice their frustration about how the coach is treating them. Morley and a couple other players tell Esma she should talk to the coach because he works at her dad’s law firm. Maybe he will listen to her, they say, trying to convince her.

With a whisper, Esma says a prayer to Jesus for courage and wisdom. She remembers her youth group pastor telling her God will always give wisdom to those who ask. With a gulp, Esma begins walking slowly towards the coach. She then asks him if she could speak with him for a moment.

Esma nervously tells the coach how the other kids are feeling. She says all the kids came to learn, play, and have fun. She further states that only his team looks like they’re having any fun. The coach admits he wasn’t aware of these issues and apologizes to her, then to all of the players. Next, Xavior makes the decision to mix up all of the players into two teams. They end up playing the best game of softball anyone has ever played before and it turns out to be a summer none of the players want to forget.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. -‭‭James‬ ‭1‬:‭5‬ NIV
Note to Nibble: Seek God’s wisdom in all circumstances.

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