Doodle and Jot Spot Printable

Does it help your kids to focus more easily for a short period of time when they can doodle? If so, grab our free “Doodle and Jot Spot” printable to go along with our weekly “Story Snacks”. Each “Story Snack”, or short Biblically based story that is posted, will include a coinciding memory verse and small thought to meditate on, a “Note to Nibble”. Not only is there a section on the printable to sketch while listening to the story each Sunday, our “Doodle and Jot Spot” is a place to jot down the memory verse and “Note to Nibble” that your family will want to meditate on throughout the week. Our “Doodle and Jot Spot” page can also be used to sketch and take notes during quiet time in the Word. Just click download and print!

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